View Full Version : Can my PSU handle this card?

07-07-07, 12:47 AM
I'm really excited to get the money so I can finally get some better stuff for my computer.


I wanna get that video card with a new motherboard and 2gb of ram.

I just need to know if my PSU would be able to handle it. I don't have much running inside my computer just 2x DVD Rom Drives and the necessary components so I'm not using alot of power.


Thats the PSU I currently have. I'm not all that good when it comes to PSU's. Thanks for help!

07-07-07, 01:05 AM
Should be enough for a single card setup like the 8800 GTS 640.

07-07-07, 01:49 AM
Yeah, that PSU should be fine. I'm running an Antec HE Neo 500W on my system.

07-07-07, 08:17 PM
Thanks alot guys. I wouldn't dare run 2 video cards with my current PSU. I appreciate the help.