View Full Version : How many of you downgraded from Vista_x64 to Windows XP PRO_x64?

07-07-07, 11:40 PM

07-07-07, 11:49 PM

07-08-07, 12:09 AM
Went the opposite way, from xp-64 to Vista Ultimate 64

07-08-07, 02:53 AM
Sounds like a plan. I'll stick with it until all the new DirectX 10 games come out! Bioshock is on my list and Crysis and UT3 will fully support x64 and run in X64 Bit right out of the box. :)

07-08-07, 06:26 AM
i just down graded to win32xp from win64xp because some of my apps crashed in it.i like win64 much better then win32, it seems more stable and much more responsive. the only problems i have come accross is 64bit drivers for legacy cards and some multimedia apps dont like win64 either...

07-08-07, 06:29 AM
I run both. XP 64 for gaming atm, Vista 64 for everything else.

07-08-07, 07:09 AM
nope. triple booting some time, Win XP x86, Win XP x64 and Vista x64, dumped Win XP (both) and go for only Vista x64 after a friend gave me his X2 4200+