View Full Version : *New* TimeShift Demo Coming in August!

07-08-07, 04:43 PM
Hope its much better than the previous one.
Back when it was in the hands of Atari, some demos were released, but with the recent overhaul by Vivendi, it was revealed a new demo is scheduled for August, showing off the facelift and improvements the game underwent the past year.

07-08-07, 04:47 PM
nice, they really should have pulled the old demo, its really making a bad image for the game.

over that one year period it went throught a lot of changes, really looking forward to this new demo.

07-08-07, 05:59 PM
Yeah the old one seemed pretty terrible.

Its a cool idea, I'm glad they are redoing it.

07-08-07, 08:55 PM
hope it turns out good.... the old demo had some nice visuals... great textures

07-08-07, 09:24 PM
Awesome, yea the old one was pretty underwhelming.

07-08-07, 10:47 PM
Wonder what will happen if the demo tanks.

07-08-07, 10:58 PM
Wonder what will happen if the demo tanks.
Wow that'd be bad... we'd probably never hear of this developer again. :p

07-09-07, 05:09 AM
I was pissed with the old demo. Spent like heck to download it and all i got was crap. Was really disappointed and i uninstalled it like 30 mins after messing around with it. I really hope this new demo would be different.

08-06-07, 11:22 AM
Wonder when the demo is coming exactly ? (hope its not the 21st :p)

08-06-07, 11:51 AM
Wonder when the demo is coming exactly ? (hope its not the 21st :p)


I may have to invest in a large amount of Ephedrine.... seems that soon, sleep will not be an option.

08-08-07, 04:59 PM
TimeShift will be available on X360/PC this October 30th, with the PS3 version coming in December.

still waiting the demo!

08-08-07, 10:07 PM
The first demo was horrible, this one should be good.

This is why Epic polishes games so long when other companies say they're "done." I'm glad this company is polishing the game, or rather, seemingly REDOING THE WHOLE THING! :D

08-08-07, 10:17 PM
or rather, seemingly REDOING THE WHOLE THING! :D
Yep thats the word.

08-09-07, 05:41 AM
The game looks totally different now, a little GEAR of WARish, I like it.

Hopefully the demo is not at the end of this month.

08-09-07, 07:59 AM
I'll give it another go, will be interesting to see how much it's changed

08-09-07, 10:12 PM
Part of the reason I bought a X360 was for this game, but after playing the demo on the PC I was severely upset. Luckily the game was already in the re-vamp stages so I didn't have to lose all hope. I'll play the demo the second it's released!