View Full Version : No Fullscreen video on 8800GTX - is my card defective?

07-09-07, 12:48 PM
I have posted before that I am unable to get full screen video working on my 8800GTX card, and it seems the majority of the replies are from users saying that theirs is working fine. I am just wondering if there is any chance that the TV out hardware on my card might be defective. On all my old Nvidia cards, I would just connect my S-Video cable, set my Nview to clone mode, and whenever I launched a movie file it would automatically switch to full screen mode on TV. With my new GTX, there doesn't seem to be any option to enable VMR rendering mode, and instead videos just play back in a window on my secondary TV display. Should I be sending my card back to eVGA, or is this some sort of hardware configuration problem or driver issue. I am just sick of having to have a second machine connected all the time just to watch movies.

07-09-07, 04:04 PM
I have Evga 8800gts and same problem. Card is ok ,but drivers not.

Nvidia disabled fullscreen video in tv ,because of :

NVIDIA Features No Longer Supported
These are features that can no longer be supported under the Windows Vista operating system, or have migrated to other NVIDIA utilities.
Full screen video mirror.
This feature is no longer supported due to the new Protected Video Path Output Content Protection (PVP-OPM) in Windows Vista. Thanks microsoft and their (lee63) scary.

Win xp drivers are same thing. Only old xp drivers work:thumbdwn:

BTW ,ati fullscreen video in secondary display works fine:rolleyes: