View Full Version : Galactic Civilizations 2

07-09-07, 02:13 PM
So I started playing this game again. Man, I forgot how much I loved those 4X games when they are done well. Even if I forget what each of the X's stands for. Moo3 was so heartbreakingly bad, and GalCiv2 just seemed to fill the gap perfectly.

Even sprung for the expansion pack this weekend and it was well worth it. Good times. Anybody else play it? Favorite strategies? Why just this weekend I pulled the mother of all asshole moves by bribing one of my neighbors to attack someone on the far side of the galaxy. When he'd moved out 99% of his ships, I surrounded the only 2 planets he had left with a minimal force, declared war on him, and conquered him in a single turn. Classic. Plus they added mega-events to the game like universal plagues that decimate your planets, requiring you to research a cure. So after I backstabbed that one neighbor I got tired of playing so I traded the plague cure I turbo researched for an alliance with the remaining races and got a diplomatic victory. I was even able to extort some planets out of one race earlier on for the plague cure! Oh to be the first.