View Full Version : Brothers in Arms Series, Which SLI mode to use ?

07-10-07, 12:30 AM
Hi there
I'm hoping some nVidia card users might be able to assist me.
I notice with Road to Hill 30, that when the nVidia Load Balancing Bar is loaded the vertical bar is pretty well full.
I assume that is some form of AFR that is being used.
With Earned in Blood, there is no profile so I had to make a custom one.
For Multi-GPU performance mode I tried AFR as the game is essentially the same as Road to Hill 30.
No Load Balancing Bar appeared, so I changed the mode to SFR and sure enough the horizontal bar appeared.
Do you think that is a bit strange, that essentially what are both the same games use different types of SLI ?
Would be interested in your thoughts


update: I noticed that I had V-Sync enabled in Earned in Blood. After turning off, the vertical bar will load, but there is only a small square of green in the center of the bar.
I assume that means AFR is not the right mode ??
With SFR the horizontal bar sits pretty well in the middle of the screen and rarely moves.
Is there some way I can use the game profile for Road to Hill 30 and asssociate it with Earned in Blood ??