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07-10-07, 01:16 PM

I wish to know if I can adjust speed of all fans, or do I need to look in the specs and make sure they are adjustable?

For example the specs may say '1000RPM' for one fan or '800RPM-1600RPM' for another.

I want to buy a few fans and connect them to an (5.25") Aerogate, in order to monitor and change the fan's speed from time to time, but I am not sure if the fans I will buy will be adjustable.

Also, I would like suggestion for a couple of fans

One 120mm fan which will be mounted on front bottom of a midtower case, and will blow air into the case. It will have no HDDs or obstacles in its way.
I am not sure how much CFM, or RPM, I need to look for in the specs. I want the 120mm fan to blow a decent amount of airflow into the case, but not be very loud (I am not sure how much dBA is considered hearable outside of a case). I will not have any more fans on the front, just one.

I also want another fan which will be added to the side of the case. It will blow air onto a high end, single graphic card. I will 'mount' the fan to the side of the case by using some Velcro. Because of this improvised solution, will the fan generate vibration? will it be noisier?
I am not sure about it and thus I ask, will a 120mm fan be better than a 92mm fan, to mount on the side, because a 120mm fan will spin slower and generate less vibration?

The side of the case is some sort of a mesh, so the fan will have take it's air from outside of the case.
I assume that a fan mounted to for example side window, will have no effect, because it has almost no air to push?

Here are the companies I can buy fans of, only those are available over here:

Arctic Cooling
Silverstone - FM121 model

And a few fans which sounds ok by the specs... maybe you can suggest any of those, or any from the other companies:

Arctic Cooling AF12025 - 56CFM, 1500 RPM, 24.5dBA
Scythe 4710KL-04W-B19-VB2 - 41.3CFM, 1100 RPM, 18dBA
Coolermaster (very expensive) (http://www1.coolermaster.com/index.php?LT=english&Language_s=2&url_place=product&p_serial=AAF-B12-E1&other_title=+AAF-B12-E1+Aluminum%20Fan%20120mm)

92mm (or do you think a 120mm for the side is preferred?):
Arctic Cooling AF9225 - 34CFM, 2000 RPM, 24.5dBA
Scythe 3610KL-04W-B19-FB1 - 24.7CFM, 1400 RPM, 18.0dBA

I hope all my q's will be answered, many thanks :).

07-13-07, 07:49 PM
I use clear silicone bathroom sealant as a shoddy case fan mounting method.
My aerogate doesnt seem to set the lower rpm range very well compared to another of my fan controllers (slow isnt very slow)
I use a single optical drive freeing up some drive bays which I fill with whatever sized fan will go, All intake fans must be dust filtered in some way.
Velcro is a very dusty material in my experience, not something you would want to put in your pc case.

This doesn't answer ANY of your questions but good luck

May all your q's be answered.