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07-10-07, 05:35 PM
I mean legal gold farming. The best way it to grind faction from level 57 when you enter Outland. Do the instances and get ur heroic keys and do as few quests as possible to keep them from going gray. Then once you hit 70, do all the quests in Outlands. You get the money from grinding out the quests and you get the big pay off when you turn in the quests which is 10-11G each.

This isn't the only way but if you are not in a huge raiding guild and want to solo as much as possible, this way will get you big sums of gold. Sure it will be slower by sacrificing the xp in the quests but how can you turn down 10g a pop?

Son Goku
07-10-07, 06:13 PM
I didn't grind 10 levels (10 on my main, as he was lvl 60 last year, and already in some ZG gear and some lvl 60 epics when BC came out), but there's plenty of other ways to make some money, beside all the quest turn ins. This said, when I quested Nagrand, I had my epic land mount in a day. If some are thinking "I'll never get this money", don't dispair, Nagrand was far better with money then even Hellfire Peninsula.

Anyhow, first a mod called auctioneer can be useful. Now there is a slight problem if one plays accross realms, with it using "saved variables" to store all the data, and that it has a size limit. Unfortunately, this is cumulative accross realms, so just 2 AHs leaves my saved variables about 80+% full. Through a third in, I'm sitting at about 87% full; can't use AH on other realms without prob.

However, by keeping track on market changes, it takes some of the guess work out of auction prices and allows one to keep up with market trends. Do be careful however, as some people do stuff up the AH by either severely over-pricing an item to the point it won't sell (over-inflating the averages), or undercutting the market price to something ridiculous.

- After this, that netherweave cloth tends to auction rather well, as does cloth in general

- Lower lvl greens can be hit or miss; it's almost better to dischant them and sell enchanting mats, unless the stats are really good. On a big realm with a well established AH, this has been my experience. On a dif realm I play on, where rares are almost never in the AH and people have to go with greens, or get it themself, this doesn't apply so much.

- Mats have a good chance of selling, if you keep it around the market trend for the realm (leather, especially knothide, ores, bars, etc)

- Don't under-estimate the benefits of farming primals, and selling primals on the AH

- For trade professions, take a queue from enchants, and insist on "your mats". Given the price increases after BC (thorium costing 20 g a stack, vs. the 6-8 g a stack last year); it's not profitable to make mithril spurs out of "your own mats", then apply them at the going rate, + small fee for applying them.

It takes 4 mithril bars + 2 course grinding stone to make. The 1 g 20 s going rate, doesn't cover it, when mithril bars can go for around 10 g a stack. Best yet, have them get the item from AH, then you apply... Mithril spurs, isn't the only such example, where the mats can be even several times the price people are willing to pay for the item. Hence "your mats", or forget providing it at loss.

07-10-07, 06:29 PM
Nagrand is nothing compared to the quests in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley.

As far as just going out and killing stuff, this is by far the best way. All the stuff I put on the AH and undercut by 5% using auctioneer are just a bonus but they are not the bulk, they are a result of your questing and grinding. You add to this the pay off of 11g a quest and the money goes through the roof.

Son Goku
07-10-07, 06:41 PM
Netherstorm has given more yes, and true to form I have a flying mount also (which of course was necessary for kara attunement); the money for which came post Nagrand quests. Once one is down to downright grinding though, it can be almost a toss up though. Ogres, or mana forge, which people do more for rep anyhow. They both drop fairly close to each other. Same probably applies for motes of mana (primal mana goes for a fair bit), vs. motes of water/earth/fire (nagrand).

At this point, I prefer the area that is less crowded, which can also depend on time of day, etc... Little money is made when people are tripping over 30 other people after the same thing, all having to wait for the odd respawn. Outland has several places though, so it is possible to pick a less congested place a fair bit of time.

07-10-07, 07:04 PM
I find the best way is to just do instances, both 5 man or 25 man. In 5 man instances on heroic difficulty you can make a lot of money on trash loot, high level greens, blues and disenchanted epic items if the item is not needed. I have made over 200G on one heroic run through Ramparts.

I also do a lot of blacksmithing with my warrior (axesmithing) and I regularly get orders for extremely hard to craft axes, as I have a constant supply of nethers regularly raiding SSC, Mag, Kara and Gruul. I have purchased an epic flying mount and two regular flying mounts for my alt characters with gold made just with this months crafting orders.

My rogue is max herb/alchemy and I regularly do runs around with him to brew a few potions. If I get lucky with elixer mastery I can make over 100g per herb run.

I can also imagine making a ton on rare enchants, thus I am levelling my mage to 70 so I can start to dabble in that market. :)

07-11-07, 12:13 AM
Find a decent area with high cash drops, but with easy mobs. Best to have ones that also have a high rate of Trash drops. Clear out 3 - 4 bags and start farming. Go to vendor and sell all the trash (including greens), rinse and repeat. I used to get 800g per week doing this at 60, at 70 i was pulling between 1500 - 1800g per week.

Son Goku
07-11-07, 05:14 AM
Only thing with mentioning instances (outside those that can be soloed, such as ZF at lvl 70), is that whatever drops, unless one's going to be a ninja jerk that no one wants to go down with again; one's got to split those drops. Even with dischant ability, the way it reasonably works, is people roll on the shard...

Raides, I haven't seen them as money makers, and definitely when people are gearing up, wipes can be inevitable. For instance, when I first when into kara, it wasn't uncommon to find mobs that were criting some players for 8,000+ damage. 1-2 hit kills could be common. On one mob for instance, our warrior with about 14,000 armor and I'm not exactly sure how much hp, but probably over 10 k could only take a couple hits.

We ended up on this one mob (and we're talking trash here), having to resort to a feral druid in the party tanking that one, rather then the MT/warrior, because he had 21,000 armor in bear form, and then designate 2 healers out of 3 in the raid, onto the druid alone...

Course one will be kara geared before looking to go here, but the mobs in Gruul's Layer and Serpentshrine Cavern are harder hitting. It can not be uncommon to walk away from a raid, with a bit of a financial loss, between repairs, pots, food (and if one's a hunter, not all pets like mage bread), arrows, regeants, etc. End result, when I for one go into a raid, I'm grinding gold, and buying stuff before I ever get to the portal, with the expectation I might lose. One raides for a shot at gear, rather then expecting to make gold.

True, as one gears up, older raides can become easier (take ZG for instance, at lvl 70 with decent gear), but as a general rule, when starting a new end game instance and progressing further along....

07-11-07, 06:13 AM
When I hit 70, I went back and started doing quests I hadn't finished. Turns out, I had only touched Hellfire, Zangarmarsh, Terrokar and Nagrand. The other zones were open game for gold. I averaged at least 100 gold per hour just questing and had my mount that day. I still have a ton to do and it's still my #1 source of money.

09-14-07, 06:43 PM

Son Goku
09-14-07, 11:40 PM
When I hit 70 on my older NE hunter, I had pretty much cleared out Nagrand, but hadn't done much in hellfire peninsula, zangermarsh, or even terrokar. Even in blades edge mountains, I pretty much cleaned out the first fp, but discovered ru'aan wield and the wierd gnome contraption after the fact. Actually the last I discovered when thotting for CE repping quests, and found the zone.

Well since that time I've got the heroic keys for CoT, CE, and sha'tar. Lower city and HH will need to come next. There is an end to that though, and my hunter is close to the point where only group quests are left there. That then leaves daily quests, but they're group quests also. Kinda sucks that once again, my guild is in the shape it's in. We went to pull in some healers so we could return to kara and without PuGing a healer or 2. But now the main tank (also guild leader) is pretty much gone, along with the other lvl 70 tank who had remained.

So how exactly are we to get healers attuned to kara without tanks? :lol2: But it looks like the main tank/guild leader isn't likely to return until after we do that. So from running kara 4 times a week (the first couple weeks) to, can't even pull a group together for group quests or 5 mans; and people are leaving mass exodas :( Yes, I've been mucking around on alts and stuff, while less then happy about all of this.

After getting:

- Exalted Wintersaber trainers and the Winterspring frostsaber mount
- Exalted Scryers
- Exalted Kurenai
- Revered Consortium
- Revered Timbermaw (oh that's just my NE hunter, my orc hunter is exalted Timbermaw)

etc... I need a break from grinding, and group quests and instances it would be PuGing is just a pain though when tanks on realm have become harder to find then even healers of late :(

09-14-07, 11:47 PM
Just wait until you're 70 before hitting up the quests in Shadowmoon Valley or Blade's Edge Mountains. You'll wrack up plenty of gold that way.