View Full Version : 8800GTX fan control not working

07-11-07, 09:07 PM
Hey guys. Has anyone had this problem?

I have a:

P5B Deluxe Wi Fi
Crucial PC28000
550W Antec PSU
eVGA 8800GTX

I have nTune installed with the latest version drivers. I have tried Expertool and RivaTuner and none of these apps are able to change the fan speed. I can move the slider in Expertool but no speed changes occur. In nTune, the fan control is greyed out completely.

Any ideas of how I can get my fan control to work?


07-11-07, 10:01 PM
Download Rivatuner. It has a built in fan control.

BTW, I have the same problem with ntune, but thanks to rivatuner, it doesn't matter.


07-11-07, 10:03 PM
Rivatuner is the only app I've found to control the fan speed.