View Full Version : Cannot install 8800 GTX under Vista Ultimate :(

07-12-07, 04:30 AM
OK, I am really desperate here.

My mainboard is ASUS A8R32-MVP Deluxe with Ati Xpress 3200 chipset (RD580) (2x PCI-E 16x). CPU is AMD X2 4800+.

I did a fresh install of Ultimate with my new MSI 8800 GTX OC, I tried every driver (even the modded 3D Guru drivers etc.) possible and every one gives me the same message: The NVIDIA setup programm could not locate aby drivers that are compatible with your current hardware.

I noticed that under Device manager, I cannot even see "display adapters", as If I have no graphic card at all! So I cannot install the drivers manualy. That seems to be the main problem, that Vista does not detect the card at all. I also have some conflict in some PCI-to-PCI something, I will post the screen when I'm back from work.

Do I have to install some special drivers for my mb first? But I have not found anything on ASUS support page. Do I have to setup something in BIOS? I cannot even go online with Vista, as my Wifi adapter is not Vista compatible, so I have to download everything under XP first.
Help me please! I have tried the vista forums and got 0 replies. I hope that you guys will help me out. Thanks

BTW., I have searched the whole internet for solutions, but almost everyone with this problem got either a notebook card or solved it with new drivers with modified .inf file. I tried this with no result.

07-12-07, 06:16 AM
Yeah, you should have mobo drivers to install with new mobo. Did it not come with a CD? Look at ATI's site for your mobo drivers if no CD is available. Also, make sure you have your PCI-e graphics card in the correct slot. You can't just plop it into any of the two PCI-e slots, it has to be in the correct one. Oh, and make sure the Primary Display is set to PCI-e in your BIOS as well.

07-12-07, 06:48 AM
Unfortunately, there are only a few drivers on the ASUS site, most of them for RAID and onboard sound, I disabled all of that. There is one driver that I do not know the purpose, but I installed it with no result.

The card is in the 1. PCIe slot and this slot is set as primary in BIOS. The card is working flawlesly under XP, so I don't know what's the problem with vista :( I am that desperate that I am ready to pay someone with a solution!!!! Or at least to be very gratefull ;) ... :(