View Full Version : Best 20" LCD monitor?

07-13-07, 03:48 AM
What's the best 20" (or around that) LCD monitor for gaming? Shouldn't be too expensive!

07-13-07, 06:13 AM
I went with the NEC 20WGX2 pro, its a 20.1" 1680x1050 and i must say that it is really awesome and have not 1 bad word to say about it.

Price is around 300 - 350 GBP.

07-13-07, 09:16 AM
Alot of people are recommending on the DELL 2007WFP.

I have an LG L204WT (with a TN panel) and I am happy with it.

07-13-07, 09:45 AM
I have this monitor and it's been great...

SCEPTRE X20WG-Naga Black 20.1 (it's also $179.00 after $20 rebate) 1680 x 1050 resolution


read the buyer reviews ... most are positive.

07-13-07, 10:29 AM
BenQ's new 20.1" Widescreen, has more colors and a 1000:1 contrast ratio, plus it went from 8 ms to 5ms.


i have last year's, and it is great, i love it so much. the price is amazing