View Full Version : Looking For a Modular PS

07-13-07, 12:03 PM
Guys - my Power Supply died and I need something to replace it so I decided to ask here since I am no hardware expert.

The desktop is a basic PC and my only requirements for the PS is it be modular and have at least 4 S-ATA connectors.

I think I can get away with a mid performance power supply as I don't think a entire KW is necessary to power this box.


- Intel E6600 (stock voltage and speeds)
- XFX nVidia GeForce 8600GTS (stock voltage and speed)
- LiteOn DVD-R DL (S-ATA)
- 4x1 GB of DDR2 G.Skill RAM
- Linksys PCI Gigabit LAN card
- 4x500GB S-ATA drives
- 4x120mm Yate Loon case fans
- Thermaltake V1 CPU cooler

Anyone have a recommendation on a specific power supply preferably from Newegg?

07-13-07, 12:45 PM
Corsair 520W or 620W! :thumbsup: