View Full Version : NEW pny 8800 GTX cant OC at all!!??!!

07-14-07, 03:17 AM
just installed a new PNY 8800gtx and if i OC the slightest bit i get errors, driver crashes and game crashes

using ntune or riva tuner

sys specs:

4 gb ram
vista pro 32bit
850 watt thermaltake psu
250 watt thermaltake video card PSU
74 gig rator
p5n32-e SLI plus mobo

tried several different drivers and all produce the same negative results

installed the video card with power from just the main PSU....

also tried installing the video card with power from video card PSU and the main PSU ...

tried installing the video card with power from just video card PSU ...

it runs flawless at stock speeds and but not a MHZ above

GPU diode IDLE 65c
GPU diode LOAD 79c

help please!!

07-14-07, 08:48 AM
Last time a card did that the seller rma'd it for me. Turned out the memory was crap. Yours may be different, but I would try like heck to borrow another card and compare the 2 in your system. There could be other reasons also.

07-14-07, 04:31 PM
I always use ATITOOL to overclock my cards .

07-14-07, 11:36 PM
The Core or the Mem don't OC at all??? That's really weird.

07-16-07, 12:29 AM
video card PSU.. haha bet the salesman that sold you that is laughing all the way to the bank :D

Aside from that, I think you should RMA your card. Sounds weird to me. Are you able to try it in another computer?
Perhaps you need to tinker in your bios to give some move voltage to your PCI-E bus.