View Full Version : Desert combat 0.3 only for fileplanet subscribers

04-02-03, 11:27 AM
I hope the desert combat team got some good cash for pulling this stunt

Edit: Yeah, we get it this weekend, but its CRAP

04-02-03, 04:07 PM
They try and choke you out of a dollar. :)

04-02-03, 04:56 PM
Hey, I got it off some FTP 20 min after it came out, oh well. Is it really warez if its gonna be out for free on saturday?

04-05-03, 10:41 AM
A fileplanet subscriber 1s me!

This mod is absolutely amazing, I still can't figure out how to fly the apache helicopter though.

04-05-03, 12:09 PM
screw waiting 60 minutes for it, courtesy of my isp again:D


04-05-03, 01:25 PM

played all morning

kind of lopsided if you ask me...

we had a gunship and an apache basecamping us for 20min!!!

I wish you could dial in the SCUD somehow, it's just there for show pretty much...

The maps without the planes are pretty fair

04-06-03, 09:22 AM
The ac-130 just makes it completly unfair, that damn cannon:D someone crashed it outside the base but it did no blow up. So we all sat there picking off the tanks coming out of the base:D

04-06-03, 10:55 AM
the scud can be very effective if you can get somebody to scout for you,still hard to aim though, pretty powerful, i could constantly take out every vehicle in the enemy base with just one missle missle :D.