View Full Version : 2x 8600GTs vs 1 8800GTS 320MB?

07-15-07, 11:27 PM
Anybody seen any comparisons between the two setups? I'm trying to decide whether or not I wanna get 2 8600GTs and run them in SLI or get the 8800GTS 320MB single card.

07-15-07, 11:45 PM
No, but if I had to put money on it, I'd take the 8800GTS

07-15-07, 11:45 PM

It's a comparison to an 8800GTS 640MB, but it's still a pretty close match to the 320MB.

07-15-07, 11:57 PM
The 8800gts will be significantly faster than the 2x8600GTs, even the 320MB version. I'm guessing there's a 40% difference in performance on average.

The 8800gts has 96 SPs whereas an 8600GT only has 32. 2x32=64. This is still far less than 96. In SLI, memory can not be shared so the 8600GTs only get 256Mb memory compared with 320Mb. Plus the single 8800gts consumes less power (I think) and you won't have to worry about SLI profiles. The single 8800gts also leaves room for future 8800gts SLI.

07-16-07, 09:25 AM
Sounds great guys, thanks for the input. Both situations are really close to the same price. I'm just trying to keep the 939 revolution alive!!! :D

07-16-07, 09:37 AM
Always get a single card if possible.

The memory bandwidth of 8600GT SLI would be tiny compared to that of a single 8800GTS, since the same data is being sent to the memory on each card (ie, you dont get double anything except actual GPU processing power, which in this case is still lower than an 8800).

07-16-07, 01:25 PM
I was going to ask this question also because I was going to replace my Foxconn 8600GT and buy 2 Leadek 8600GT's for $99 each off newegg. I wasn't sure if it would combine to get 512MB and 256-bit interface, lol.