View Full Version : Quite complicated HDD issue

07-19-07, 10:05 AM
Well, I have 3 HDDs, as in my sig. My partition layout is as follows:-

180GB PATA - L:\ (Data)
200GB SATA - C:\ (WinXP), D:\ (Programs)
500GB SATA - K:\ (Win Vista), I:\ (Programs)

Now, I am having trouble with the PATA drive, that is I:\. My system refuses to boot when the drive is plugged in. I get a 'Insert system drive' error message. Unplug the drive, and it still won't boot, I get the same error message.

Insert the WinXP setup CD, and the system will boot, but only if the PATA drive is not plugged in.

Worth noting that all three drives are recognised in BIOS setup.

How do I go about fixing this? If I could just get to boot into either OS once, with the drive plugged in, I could copy al of the important data from I:\ onto another partition, then sling the (potentially) failing PATA drive in the bin :).

Thanks in advance.