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07-19-07, 01:52 PM
Heya guys.

Lately I've been wondering if I shouldn't have better performance than I do with my gear.

I've done some benchmarks, perhaps someone who knows could see if they're resonable.

I have a E6700 dual core @ 2.67 Ghz (stock), a XFX 8800 GTS 640mb (also stock clocks), and 2 gig ram. I'm on Vista, with the 158.45 drivers.

I get an average of 63 fps on CoH, @ 1280x1024, all settings max, DX9.
I get an average of about 79 fps on the CSS stress test.
I got 7797 points on 3dmark 06, and I'm ranked 118 out of 120 in the 'similar systems' category, ie. people with more or less the same hardware as me. That's bad. Anyone have any ideas how I get my performance up?

Thanks :)

07-19-07, 02:07 PM
Your performance is normal with 3d mark 06.
In 3d mark 06 I get 8738 with my e6400 running at 3ghz. And my 8800 gts at stock.
I got 11089 with my e6400 at 3.4 ghz and my video card at 660/925 I think it was.

And thats in XP. I think vista the scores are always a little bit lower?

So running at stock your normal, if you really care about rank that much, then overclock your computer and get the number 1 spot.

As for the games, I haven't played COH or CSS so I dunno about those.

07-19-07, 02:13 PM
Ok, thanks for the reply :)

I'm gonna clock my CPU now, see what happens. I'll get back to ya.


07-19-07, 04:32 PM
I've brought the cpu clock up to 3,0 Ghz from the stock 2,67.
Together with nerfing the CP settings that takes me to 8843, but that's still way to low I reckon.

Any ideas out there?