View Full Version : X-Fi playes only in Audio Creation Mode

07-21-07, 08:34 AM
Have very strange problem with X-Fi Fatality1 Gamer under Vista x64. In Gaming and Entertaiment modes it crackles or is silent, it playes only in ASIO (Audio Creation Mode). Have moved the card, uninstalled / reinstalled the drivers, still the same.

Anybody experienced that?

07-21-07, 08:58 AM
Solved the problem, this might be helpful for other people as well :-) I have installed May 2007 Creative Vista CD, including drivers, Creative 1.04 ALchemy after that, and July 2007 drivers last. This made nothing but ASIO work, EAX did not. Deleting ALchemy, installing latest drivers, and ALchemy *after* them solved it.

07-26-07, 01:32 AM
Actually it's CCleaner thats causing the fault.


ololololool I'm so funny!