View Full Version : Lost Planet Demo Resolution Fix?

07-25-07, 09:56 PM
Well I just started out with the demo for this game on my new 7900GT & for some reason under display setting it did not give me an option to set to 1280x1024 resolution.Is there a problem with the demo or something under the config file(which I can't seem to locate) which I should be editing?

I am now playing it under 1280x960 @75Hz refresh rate but the screen is being cut a bit from sideways.Any solution for fixing the resolution? I mean I want it to be fitting completely onto the screen.My desktop resolution fits correctly under 1280x1024 & so does every other game which I play on it.So is there any way to get this fixed?

Also since we are on the same lines,there are some other games which I noticed does not chrun out 1280x1024 resolutions in the Video options hence making it difficult for the image to scaled perfectly to fit my monitor.As per what I know,my monitor supports 1280x1024 @75Hz refresh rate.So guys any idea how to fix it? BTW I have Forceware 93.71 driver loaded.

07-25-07, 10:00 PM
Don't think there is a fix for the demo, but the full version has full support for most resolutions.

I had the same problem trying to get 1680x1050 in the demo.

07-25-07, 10:17 PM
Hey thanks for the quick reply buddy.Phew so it's a problem with the demo itself.I would have switched it to 1680x1050 but the fram rates would take a nose dive if I dare do it.What can be done in case of other games which don't have the same resolution support Viz Serious Sam II which I recently installed & had to later on settle for 1600x1200 max settings.I hate those black borders cropping up the screen.Does it have anything to do with the refresh rate by any chance?