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Sorry download here

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Nice, thanks!

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Some map is for coop ?

Details of the Map Pack:

Marshalling Yard
This century-old service yard is situated in the center of an industrial district. Still active today, it is primarily used to store cars, but is also equipped with cleaning and maintenance facilities.

Terrorists take position in a coffee factory near the Mexican border. From its roof they have a nice view of the town and their potential enemies.

Doscala Restaurant
Well known Italian restaurant located in the heart Las Vegas, near famous Fremont Street

Border Town - Redux
The city of San Joshua Del Mosquiera was recently overrun by crime and gang violence. The abandoned church is now the center of a violent turf war between rival gangs.

Killhouse - Redux
This Kill House was built near the Mexican border to train counter terrorism units in urban warfare tactics.

Neon Graveyard
The large lot is filled with used and broken signs from the city of Las Vegas. In its center lies a reception dock, used to sort out new arrivals, and a recycling workshop.

After years of civil war, just as the dust started to settle on this ruined Mexican city, terrorism is reborn.

Presidio is an old stable installation that was converted into an intelligence bunker during World War II, and has been deserted ever since.

Red Lotus
The Red Lotus Casio is a themed casino located in the heart of Las Vegas. It is renowned for its Nyataimori-style sushi restaurant.

Streets - Redux
The Streets of this abandoned shanty town in Mexico have been used as training grounds foe closed-quarter combat, by elite counter-terrorist units.

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any of them for single player?

08-06-07, 02:15 AM
Totally missed this when it came out, but having tried it, these are some great maps. You can play them both multi and single player (terrorist hunt), and they look really really good. The stand-alone maps that shipped with the game looked awful compared to the Story-mode maps, but the ones in this map pack look fantastic.

Definitely check it out if you liked the game, been playing terrorist hunt co-op with a pal for the last two hours!

EDIT: a speedy, direct d/l link http://media.ubi.com/emea/rainbowsixvegas/game/rainbow_six_vegas_maps_pack.exe