View Full Version : Geforce4 MX440 problem Drivers Help Please!!!!

04-03-03, 07:38 AM
I installed my new Geforce4 MX440 and when i try to change the resolution (in the configuration tab) a white screen appers
the nvmode.dll crash
whe i try to run dxsetup my computer frezze.

i try a lot of things but nothing i try with the newest nvidia drivers, the original board drivers, i install dx8.1 before, after too, dx9.0, i install viapack for my mobo.

i change the Geforce4 too

If any one have an idea, please just tell me

Mobo Soyo DRAGON
XP 1700+
Geforce4 mx 440 64Mb DDR (palitDaytona)

04-03-03, 08:00 AM
I'd be inclined to try Windows XP myself.

04-03-03, 10:57 AM
i have a problem i need to run win98