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07-27-07, 03:00 PM
nTune Localization Remover will help you convert localized (international) version of NVIDIA nTune into english only version.
There are people like me, and we all hate translated 3D terminology.
It's hard to work with such program because you're simply used to english words in 3D world.
No more problems after you use nTune Localization Remover!

In case if you would like to have localized version again, please re-install NVIDIA nTune tool.

nTune can be downloaded here (Platform/nTune Drivers -> nTune):

nTune Localization Remover 1.0 download:

PS: nTune has to be installed prior conversion. Otherwise you'll get nice error message ;)

I hope this tool will be helpful for all those located outside of US or UK who want english only programs :)

If you encounter any problems or bugs, don't hesitate to report them (see About menu for contact or simply post here) :)

07-30-07, 09:11 AM
thank you!!

can you do the same for nvidia XP driver?

I have Polish selected to be used for non-unicode programs, and every single time I install English or International driver on XP, results in Polish translation.

07-30-07, 10:05 AM
Thanks for stickying this one :) I've been thinking about that too but i'll have to make some more research. Especially because trashing those files requires messing with the core system folders like System32. And we certanly don't want mistakes there. But it's possible. There are still problems however because i still can't get all the text to be converted back to english (toolbar and explorer right click extension). Everything else does convert to english though. If anyone knows the secret how to fix this, let me know :)
I'll certanly let you know when i get it to a functional (working) phase :)

08-06-07, 07:03 AM
there is another file for that, i had that problem too, after messing around with files, i did find what file contained that info. but i don't remember now, haven't installed ntune in a while.

08-17-07, 10:54 AM
Yeah this is useful, in my language anti-aliasing is anti-interferentie... I prefer anti-aliasing...