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07-27-07, 03:49 PM
IGN: Have any gameplay elements or weapons been added to the PC version?

Cliff Bleszinski: We've added five new chapters to the single player campaign. These chapters take place later in the campaign, right in the middle of Act Five. Marcus and Delta Squad are driving away from Adam's House - and the hungry Brumak creature - when they encounter an open drawbridge. They've got to figure out a way to get the bridge closed while the four story tall beast is stalking them the entire time.

Rod Fergusson: It really is a sight to behold. In "Gears of War" for 360, the Brumak, aka "40 feet of guns, armor and teeth," was a cinematic character but in "Gears of War" for Windows, the Brumak is a relentless beast that chases you throughout the five new campaign chapters and ultimately climaxes in a boss fight where you can finally take the big guy down.

IGN: Will Xbox 360 gamers ever receive the extra features in the PC version, either as a downloadable pack or in another retail release?

Rod Fergusson: There is no plan to provide the PC exclusive content to Xbox 360 gamers for a number of technical reasons. One is simply the size and scope of the new content which would be difficult to deliver as an update. But more importantly, "Gears of War" for Windows was not created with the same version of Unreal Engine 3 as "Gears of War" for 360. We wanted to take advantage of all the latest and greatest optimizations and features that are constantly being added to UE3 and as such, this new content is not easily compatible with the Xbox 360 version.

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07-27-07, 03:58 PM
Wow, xbox people are going to be mad ;)

07-27-07, 04:07 PM
I owned it for xbox but ill buy it again on pc. Im sure it will be lots of fun and its good to see that hopefully it wont be a crappy port. I know the UE3 is really nice for running games between platforms.

07-27-07, 04:09 PM
Awesome :D

07-27-07, 04:36 PM
I know the UE3 is really nice for running games between platforms.

Especially when epic is the one using it ;)

07-27-07, 07:10 PM
Woah awesome!! thanks for the info nekro!!

07-27-07, 10:01 PM
We deserve it, we were put on the back burner and now its our turn :)

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YAY! i feel special... no seriously i feel special :D

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:captnkill: fap fap fap fap


Mr. Hunt
07-28-07, 05:04 AM
5 new chapters eh? Maybe the game will be longer than 6 hours now.