View Full Version : 168.18 WinXP x86/x64 is out (not 162.18)

07-30-07, 05:06 AM
WinXP x86 ftp://dlsvr02.asus.com/pub/ASUS/vga/nVidia/nv16818_Win2KXP.zip

WinXP x64 ftp://dlsvr02.asus.com/pub/ASUS/vga/nVidia/nv16818_WinXP64.zip

No info yet. as poor lappy is downloadingt 14 other drivers as well.

07-30-07, 06:06 AM
ASUS have duped me

This is 162.18 :(

May as well delete this thread


07-30-07, 06:41 AM
Got excited for a sec .. :|

07-30-07, 06:47 AM
You're telling me.

ASUS have got a big problem with their driver uploads, all the latest drivers from beginning of May on have different versions to what they are called.
Never mind one day there might ne a 168.18 just not this day :)

Electronic Punk
08-02-07, 04:29 AM
Someone edited the title, but still got it the wrong way around :p

08-02-07, 10:24 AM
Bah, Asus always does this sh**. I think their FTP admin has dyslexia. :p

08-02-07, 01:29 PM
Can't believe they've got so many files named wrong.
They even have some internal zip directoriies named wrong.
Maybe it's to throw us of the scent.

Never mind makes my blunder look insignificant :)