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08-03-07, 08:43 AM
A few years ago, I had upgraded to an ATI 9800XT with a PIV running at 3.0ghz. I was only running a 450 or 500w PSU. It seemed like enough power. Every so often, I would have strange effects. System crashes, game crashes, game artifacts, and all sorts of other weird anomalies. I purchased an OCZ 600w Power Stream, and all my problems magically went away.

Years later, I find myself with a socket 939 board and an Opteron mated to an NVidia 8800GTX card.....and still running off the same 600w PSU.

The one extremely annoying problem I had was, when in game, if I encountered a situation with a large amount of glowing effects, my system would shut off. Not a BSOD or a CTD, but a complete shutdown as if someone pulled the plug from the PSU.

This time, I was armed with the APC powerchute software. During gaming, my system would consume about 550w of power. I'm sure, with high glowing scenes, this increased even more.

I have now been running my Galaxy 1000w for about a week, and my system is purring like a nettik

LM Message of the month: Always check your power requirements.
The more powerful your PSU is, the more likely of a chance you will have of having a stable system which is not being chocked by power requirements. I'd like to say always go for a minimum of 100w from what your requirement is in order to stay in the safety zone.

08-03-07, 12:03 PM
Before my OCZ 700w power supply got soda spilled on it, I could over clock this e6600 to 3.6GHz and have it run Orthos stable but, with this current POS power supply i can only hit 3.2GHz Orthos stable. There are definitely a lot of different problems that people have that they can't figure out that are power related issues.

08-07-07, 01:37 PM
Wow...what did this guy do to get banned after 2 posts?

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Wow...what did this guy do to get banned after 2 posts?
I don't know. Odd.

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possibly had more than 1 account on the same IP, i dont believe its allowed. or something to do with the registered email. not sure

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Maybe MikeC found out he worked for Enermax :captnkill:

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his post is more like an advertisement.

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Yeah his LM message of the month is worded more like it came from an ad agency than a PC enthusiast.

Who knows...