View Full Version : Blurry font with any driver but why?

08-05-07, 07:34 PM
I have an 8800GTS and windows vista home premium. If I try aero, basic or any other setting, the graphics and font in vista are blurry if I use any driver other then

also, with all of these drivers, I no longer have "adjust timing" settings.

please help

08-08-07, 07:35 PM
not one reply. surely i can't be alone with this issue....

08-08-07, 07:52 PM
When you say that your font was all blurry, was it just your font or was it everything? I had a case where everything on the screen was blurry. What you do is go to the Nvidia Control panel, Change Flat Panel Scaling, and select Use my display's built-in scaling. That should solve it. It solved it for me at least.

08-09-07, 09:41 PM
yea everything was blurry and it already is on that setting :(

08-10-07, 08:22 AM
I had the same problem with my 8800gtx and 64bit vista. Any driver except the one that came with card would produce blurry text and the font size was smaller. I tried everything. Last night windows update had the 162.22 driver as an update so I figured what the heck. Not sure how windows installs it without the usual user input but much to my suprise it did and my problem is resolved.

08-10-07, 08:08 PM
yea everything was blurry and it already is on that setting :(

Try all the scaling settings. For some reason, my monitor wont work with the Nvidia scaling, only the manufacture scaling.

08-12-07, 12:13 AM
tried new drivers, still same issue. does not scale to fit whole screen and everything is blurry no matter which setting I choose.

I also noticed I am not able to "adjust timing settings" any longer. i dont see the option in any drivers.

08-12-07, 10:09 PM
did a complete format and reinstall and it still wont work. The desktop does not even fit the whole screen and I have tried everything.

It used to work just fine, what changed??? I dont even see adjust timing settings options anymore