View Full Version : Sound Blaster X-Fi Audigy Beta Driver 20070711

08-06-07, 05:57 PM
The Beta Drivers site provides an opportunity for customers to preview products from Creative while the products are still under development. Drivers and applications provided are intended for testing and evaluation only, and should not be used in a production environment. No technical support is available for these beta drivers and applications. When final drivers and applications are released they will be posted at http://us.creative.com/support/.

Before you decide whether to install beta drivers or applications, it is important to understand that a beta release though tested for relative stability, DOES NOT have the stability of a final release version of Creative software. You may encounter problems with a beta release that could possibly result in loss or corruption of data or necessitate a reformat of the device. Beta releases are meant for testing and validation only, not for production use. We strongly recommend that you back up your existing data before you install and run the release on your computer.


08-06-07, 06:17 PM
Vista only?

08-06-07, 06:20 PM
thats a good question

08-06-07, 06:32 PM
Not a problem as i use vista drivers on xp64 ATM

Edit: Installed fine, nothing exploded........yet

08-06-07, 07:19 PM
People seem to have bad issues with these, and they're a month older than the newest ones apparently, I'd skip these. Newest ones run good for me anyway.

08-06-07, 07:20 PM
Not a problem as i use vista drivers on xp64 ATM

Edit: Installed fine, nothing exploded........yet

Vista drivers on XP64?! Nothing exploded?! Are you sure things didn't go horribly wrong and your now in teh afterlife where everything just... works...


08-06-07, 08:11 PM
Well hard to know, it could be one of those matrix moments :wonder:
Im not kidding, you can use vista drivers on xp just extract the installer with winrar and use installer i the driver folder ;)

08-06-07, 10:55 PM
Man I'm pissed at Creative now. Suddenly I lost sound on my card. I uninstalled the drivers, deleted drivers with that check box, rebooted, then reinstalled. Upon reboot, I didn't get straight constant static, I only got static whe a sound played! Even after rebooting! I'm getting sick and tired of this BS. I had to use onboard to get sound. I will bet anyone here that XP would work just fine. >_<