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08-06-07, 10:58 PM
I need an alternative to leaving a computer on all of the time. The computer is never used, its only use is to share a printer. Id love to be able to leave the computer off and get a wireless print server to use instead. A wired print server is not an option.

What is my best option? Functionality comes first, ease of use second, and cost third.
Im not exactly sure how these things work. They just connect to your wireless router the same way a computer would? Is that correct?

My target price range is <$150.

Thanks in advance :)

08-06-07, 11:12 PM
How about this one?


For 35 bucks after rebate and google checkout, thats cheap as heck! Whats wrong with it?

08-07-07, 03:57 AM
I recently bought a Linksys WPS54G Wireless-G USB Print Server. You have to connect it using usb to begin with, once its configured you just connect it to your router and leave it to do its thing. It works well, there is just one thing to watch out for...

I can't remember the technical term for it... but basically its not bi-directional. So you can send things to the printer but no information comes back (ink levels, print status, etc). This is something I have learnt to live without, but also some apps actually wait for a response from the printer and end up freezing and have to be killed.