View Full Version : nTune SLI performance mode, can't switch back to Nvidia recommended

08-08-07, 07:00 AM
version, windows vista, 8800gts in SLI.

I switched the SLI performance mode to split-frame (got the warning telling me not to), and when I tried to change it back to the default, i got the same warning telling me not to change this setting even though I was changing it back. I switch profiles and switch back, and it's still on split-frame.

I checked the box to make the warning not appear, and now if I try to switch it to "NVIDIA recommended (SLI)" it just completely ignores my request.

I can switch it between the other modes, split, alternate and single. I just can't change it back to default.

Anyone know if there's a command someone to reset all profiles to default or something? If it exists, I can't find it.

Thanks for reading.