View Full Version : 162.50 xp 32bit whql

08-09-07, 09:18 AM

not tryed them yet

08-09-07, 11:39 AM
They are Quadro series drivers. I would not recommend using them if you don't have Quadro card. Of course you can use them with a Geforce if you want but you are bound to run into application compatability problems. Use at your own risk.

08-10-07, 01:02 AM
They're excellent, i've used 160.02 before and these are just another good set. In fear got mayor improvements, slowdowns went to min, maybe some here and there but alot better, compared to 162.18whql for geforce.
Other games seem to run better also, Stalker, Lostplanet, NFSC.

Don't know about about any side effects, but the quadro set didn't gave any problems at all and i use 8800gts series card. Definetly keepers for me at the moment.

08-10-07, 02:09 AM
They need to fix their page. The software description says WinXP 64-bit.

08-10-07, 09:42 AM
Anyone who's tried these care to post benchmarks other than 3DMark that show improvements over other recent drivers?