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08-10-07, 10:24 AM
Funcom and Eidos announce a new release date for 'Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures'. The highly anticipated MMO is now set to release on the 25th of March 2008. By setting a new release date for the game, Funcom can continue the focus on honing, polishing and improving the heralded qualities of the game, ensuring a fantastic MMO experience when it launches next spring.

“We naturally regret that we have to push back ‘Age of Conan’. However, after careful consideration, and analysis of recent Beta feedback, we believe that the new release date is in the best interest of the gamers, our company and our owners,” said Trond Arne Aas, CEO of Funcom. “We are fully committed to delivering games with absolute qualities, and in the current MMO marketplace we know that only the best is good enough to truly succeed. With the new release date we have therefore given ourselves more time to meet and deliver on the massive expectations for the game. We are certain that our choice will ultimately pay off, and that all ‘Age of Conan’ players will get a special online experience:(

08-10-07, 01:43 PM
This may be one MMO i pick up

08-10-07, 02:29 PM
I applied for this beta and never got an invitation.:o

08-10-07, 04:01 PM
ZOMG! 6 months later! That blows. I am so looking forward to this game. On the bright side, if it isn't ready then don't release it. Remember what happened with Vanguard.

08-11-07, 11:00 PM
Bah... I was thinking this game looked good but I am not a fan of the MMO genre so I won't be getting this.

Shouldn't this be in the MMO forum anyway?

That being said, I'm huge into MMO's, and I can't wait for AOC personally...

08-12-07, 12:08 AM
Really looking forward to this one. I know Funcom are hard at work on this game which looks to advance the genre. They deserve some time to tweak the huge number of features.

08-12-07, 12:30 AM
Is anyone else not really impressed by the games graphics? If they wait until next year, it's going to be blown out of the water from a visual standpoint.

By the way, is the game turn based or real time?

08-12-07, 02:59 AM
Is anyone else not really impressed by the games graphics? If they wait until next year, it's going to be blown out of the water from a visual standpoint.

By the way, is the game turn based or real time?

What MMO exactly is going to "blow it out of the water"? If your comparing it to FPS's, then yeah, it won't look as good. MMO's can not look as good as FPS's...There is too much calculating going on...

As to your ?, I think it's turn based if I'm not mistaken...

08-12-07, 03:49 AM
no i tink it is realtime

08-12-07, 06:23 AM
Is anyone else not really impressed by the games graphics? If they wait until next year, it's going to be blown out of the water from a visual standpoint.

Its an MMO, which strains graphic engine in different ways than normal games. Therefore its very hard if not impossible to do a cutting edge graphic MMO without compromises. If you are going to evaluate its graphics, you gotta do it by comparing it to other MMO's.

On a totally other note, Funcom's stock plummeted (typical investor reaction?) after the announce:

08-13-07, 03:13 AM
Well, maybe I get tired of LOTRO by then, so good news for me because I'm highly addicted to LOTRO right now and I really want to play Age of Conan, but I won't play 2 MMORPGS at the same time.

Anyone here does?

08-14-07, 05:04 AM
Greetings everyone

Today is a definition of mixed feelings for me, and many in the Conan team. We hate being late. We hate not delivering on what we have promised. We hate letting you guys and girls down. We all want to hide somewhere dark and be ashamed of ourselves. And naturally, here is a good time to profoundly apologize to you, our loyal and patient community. We are sorry for another delay, we truly are, but hopefully this WILL turn into something better for all of us.

As you have seen over the last period, and as we have stated again and again, our clear intension was to launch in October. But what happens when you learn that the game you have needs more development time? Do you continue to force through towards a release, like we did with Anarchy Online? This time we did the right thing. I am proud by the fact that we work in a company that knows what the game truly needs, and are willing to follow and support the best interest of the game.

I am very happy to see that many of you, our community, actually support this decision. Naturally, there would be resentments and aggravations because of this. There is nothing wrong with that, but the logic is sound and I would like you to lend me your ear when I go through this.

“It's that first few hours. Either explain how it takes 5 months to fix the first few hours, or explain the full reason behind the delay. And don't take us for idiots.”

The combos are tied closely with feats. The combos are also tied closely with the five directions in the game. Today all classes get five directions, even when you are a nuker wizard that never even bothers getting in close combat. We wanted to make sure that the classes not wanting melee, actually wouldn’t have a superfluous system thrust on them (all five directions, combos etc). We wanted to make sure that the complexity of knowing which combos do I start when I press a direction to be clearer (this is complex even for me who love this system). We wanted to know that people got a larger component of instant gratification in combos. We wanted to remove the confusing elements of combo cooldowns that you cannot click on, but that looks like icons.

For many of you, who are not in the beta, this might not mean a lot. Let me break down what we are doing instead:

08-14-07, 05:23 AM
^ cool :cool:
And I loved the delay beacuse there are just so many games coming out this fall that I could never get into a mmorpg now :p
So its all good for me :D