View Full Version : Dualview screen switch question

08-11-07, 06:41 PM
Ok here is the problem. I just set up a dualview with a crappy old 15 inch monitor and so far it works great. The only thing that is bugging me is that I have the 2nd monitor positioned to the left of my main screen. The easiest way to move the mouse to the 2nd screen would be to drag it to the rightmost edge of monitor 1 untill it goes to my 2nd monitor. This is annoying because my 2nd screen is on the left side of me and im dragging my mouse in the opposite direction to get to it. Is there anyway that i can drag my mouse the the leftmost side of my main monitor to switch to it instead of going to the right?

08-11-07, 07:32 PM
Nevermind, found out how to. For anybody that wants to know Ultramon does it perfectly.

08-11-07, 11:28 PM
You could always go into the display settings in the control panel of Xp and goto the last tab and drag the second monitor over to the left, that way on the main screen you can move to cursor to the left to get the other screen, just like you wanted.

but yeah ultramon is a good program for dual monitors.