View Full Version : PS3 turning off?!

08-12-07, 04:52 PM
Ok, I just got the biggest scare with my PS3. I went to turn it on to play some Super Stardust HD and my system was off. Not in standby but actually off, no red light or anything. I first thought it could have been my surge protector being off since my cat walks behind my TV sometimes but it was on. It wasn't the plug since the X360 is on the same one and works.

I unplugged the system, flipped the switch acouple of times and still nothing... suddenly 5mins later it went into standby mode and began working.

Has this happened to everyone else? I almost shat a brick thinking my PS3 died. I mean I don't play games often anymore, maybe an hour a day if that.

08-12-07, 05:43 PM
Hmmm...never had that happen to me. Although if you remember when I first got my system it would randomly shut down. That was only due to a bad outlet and it hasn't skipped a beat since then.

Just to be on the safe side, you might as well call up Sony and see what they tell you.

08-12-07, 05:44 PM
Wow, I've never seen that happen in all of the time I've had my PS3. Maybe the cord on the back was just loose. A lot of times I've seen monitor cables where someone bumped the cord and it looses connection, but it looks like it is still plugged in. If your cat stepped on the cord it could have pulled it out just enough to cause this.

My only other though would be a brownout, but I know that the PS3 will stay in standby mode even if the voltage drops to 100V. (On vaca had voltage issues)

08-12-07, 06:07 PM
Hasn't happened to me.

But it has locked up for no reason. Never in a game or watching a movie. Just on the dashboard, screen went blank. Grenn/Blue lights still on. Had to flip the power at the back to bring it back.

08-12-07, 06:16 PM
That never happened to me but I have had it locked up too when I ran a game. I think my lockup always happened after using the PS3 as a media center with TVersity. I kept updating the shared files and I think the PS3 had issues with that. Since I stopped using that program I haven't had one lock up.

08-12-07, 08:27 PM
The interweb says that most people who have had those problems backup their data and do a hard reset. http://www.tech-recipes.com/rx/2265/ps3_how_to_factory_hard_reset