View Full Version : how come I dont have the "manage custom timing" option with any vista driver?

08-12-07, 11:22 PM
8800 GTS westinghouse 37" monitor

08-13-07, 12:10 AM
It cos current drivers do not support it yet, Nvidia said it will add the support in future driver.

08-13-07, 02:43 AM
That page is working it comes nTune, grab the latest version and install this.
Then when you open the control panel up should pop the custom timings

Well it does for me, tried it on 163.16

also check the INF for this line:
HKLM,"Software\NVIDIA Corporation\Global\NVTweak",NvCplEnableAdvancedTimingPage,%REG_DWORD%,0x1
This could also help in enableling it.

But I only got the page after I installed ntune.

OK I was wrong, I could have sworn I saw it the other day, but can not find it now.
I have been doing a lot of testing of other things this last week ;)

08-14-07, 07:27 PM
why the heck did they take this away?

08-14-07, 07:36 PM
New OS, new/beta drivers. They did say they were adding it back though.