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08-13-07, 07:37 AM
Hi all,
This is my first thread on this forum, so I'll try to be very clear.

I bought the above mentioned card one month ago, it works fine on all new games I have installed, but specifically on the game I play most, quake3, I have a few issues.

1. Almost all the maps look more "pixelated"
2. The yellow color is predominant
3. I lag even if I play offline. Every 3 seconds you can hear a "crack" over the headphones, the image freezes for one milisecond and then you moved forward or to the side.
4. You can't aim properly and you get killed easily

I don't understand why this happens. I used a cheap ATI card before, and quake3 ran smooth, not the newer games. That's why I bought this one to test Nvidia, now it works the other way around... :o
The card is placed on the right pci slot, the driver on the cd did not work, so i installed the latest driver from nvidia. Now I have the latest forceware but I still have the same issue.
I also was thinking that this maybe was a caused by the punkbuster in quake, but I doubt it. The RAM shown for the card is 512 and not 256.
I simply don't know what can be the cause for this, but right now it's not running as it should be for q3. Has somebody had the same problems for q3 with this card ?
An opinion is highly appreciated,
thank you and best regards,

08-13-07, 08:03 AM
whats your OS and what drivers are you using?

08-13-07, 08:31 AM
whats your OS and what drivers are you using?

Hi Eliminator,
I'm using XP Professional 32-bits, the driver I'm not sure about,
it's foreceware 162 point something. I'm currently not at home, I will be able to check it as soon as I am home.

Best regards,

XFX Support
08-13-07, 01:02 PM
Also, please start a support ticket at www.xfxforce.com and then let me know the ticket number as well. Were the ATI driver throughly removed? At times the remains of a previous driver can cause conflicts as well. If possible try using Driver Cleaner to remove the video driver (only the video drivers), then reinstall the latest NVIDIA drivers. Keep us posted.

08-13-07, 05:56 PM
Hi there,
I logged a ticket for the support team, I've sent you the number through pm as well. I believe I removed all ati drivers thoroughly :) I'll try Driver Cleaner out as well, but tomorrow, its 12:48 PM - late!
Buenas noches :zzzz: ,