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08-13-07, 05:29 PM
I mostly play Quake3 and 4, so I a Shooter. Have dog will hunt.

Anyways, I tried an RTS game – Command and Conquer (C&C), and liked it but wasn’t ready to spend $40 on it.

Now I heard about Company of Heroes : Opposing Fronts and that it was a good RTS game.

It seems like it is totally different from C&C in the sense that it is a WWII game, but is it basically the same in the level of play?

I mean, it involves shooting, which is good for me, but it is realistic like a good FPS game?

Also, after 2 hours of playing C&C, I felt like I could play the game and had fun, with Company of Heros, is it similar like that, or is it a game that takes day to get the hang of it?

The reason is that I was looking at getting a 8600 GTS card and I found this one:


It is around the same price for a similar card from eVGA and BFG, but it comes bundled with Company of Heroes – which is a $39 saving then if I but the game separately, and if the COH is similar in skill, ease of picking it up and as entertaining as Comand and Conqure then I am in!

Oh, the game bundle info is here:


08-13-07, 05:49 PM
I'm not exactly sure what you mean by same level of play, but both C&C and CoH are realtime strategy games. CoH is much more realistic since it uses real names of everything and tries to make the gameplay realistic while remaining balanced. There aren't thing like Ion cannons where you can just blow up someones base with a big ball of light.

You can probably pick up and learn how to play CoH really fast, but in order to be proficient at it I would say it would take a few days to get the hang of attacking defending and strategies. Q3 & Q4 you don't really do a lot of thinking, you just run around and shoot whatever moves. In CoH you need to plan your attacks a little more, but I feel it is much more fun because you have more involvement with the game.

I would definitely pick it up if you liked the gameplay of C&C. I've gotten a few friends to play it and they mainly play FPS like you, but won't play other RTS games. I find it a lot more simplistic and you don't have to spend 100 hours learning to play the game versus something like Age of Empires so you get to the action quicker.

08-13-07, 07:45 PM
i wouldnt say you should compare CoH and C&C, but CoH is much more... strategy focussed than mass this unit or that unit.

But I would say download the demo and see for yourself.