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08-14-07, 12:08 PM
I recently purchased an 8500GT Grpahics card and a Hanns-G 19" Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor. Whenever I first start the computer, I turn on both the monitor and the computer at the same time. I can hear the computer start, and boot into Windows, however, the monitor displays "No Signal, Check Video Cable." I then reboot, and the monitor and card are perfectly fine. Simply put, I have to boot twice to see a picture.
The drivers for the video card and the monitor are both installed and appear to be "talking" to each other.
All cables are securly connected.
The card is seated firmly in the motherboard.
The card is "setup" in the BIOS.
The refresh rate is set to 60.
The resolution is 1440 X 900, however, lowering it doesn't help.
The graphics card works with any other monitor and the monitor works on any other computer.
Since both work, how can I get them to work together? I do not want to continue "booting twice" just for the card to put out a signal. Thank you for any help you can offer.

08-14-07, 12:11 PM
Very strange. Maybe you can contact the manufacturer of your card and see if there is a BIOS update available?

08-14-07, 12:23 PM
I have installed the latest drivers for both the nvidia 8500 GT and the monitor. Thanks for replying.

08-14-07, 12:49 PM
Not the drivers, the video card BIOS itself.

08-14-07, 01:56 PM
How would I do that?

08-14-07, 01:59 PM
Well, who makes your card? BFG? XFX? Gigabyte?

08-14-07, 02:14 PM
it is an nVidia eGe Force 8500 GT. I looked on the website and only saw drivers. I did not know there were BIOSs for video cards. Is it something you download from the manufacturer? As always, thank you for helping.

08-14-07, 02:24 PM
What kind of motherboard do you have?

I would check the manufacturers website for possible BIOS updates for your motherboard. Your problem is kind of a weird one and I'm guessing that your motherboard might not have the latest BIOS and does not fully support your card.

08-14-07, 03:01 PM
It is ECS. thanks. i will try flashing the BIOS. It does work with other monitors though. You are right. It is weird. Thanks.

08-14-07, 05:45 PM
Ok, my brand new monitor just showed up. I plugged it in, and the problem was exactly the same. I just don't know. Maybe it is the video card, but it works flawlessly after I reboot.
If I were to flash the BIOS, which version should I use?
Here is the link:

08-16-07, 12:33 PM
I have finally resolved this problem by exchanging the card for a new one. I installed it and it works with no problem. This truly was an odd problem since the card worked perfectly fine with other monitors and vice versa. All of you replies were certainly appreciated. Thank you again.

08-16-07, 12:45 PM
That's certainly strange. Glad you've gotten it fixed.

08-16-07, 03:41 PM
8500 GT = DVI?
Monitore = VGA?

You stuck the DVI2VGA plug in and got no signal? :P
Put your old card back in and remove the display drivers.
Reboot and the signal magicly appears.

Or you can reset your moterhboard bios and it should work fine as well.
(Might even have to do both, as was the case with me)

08-17-07, 12:52 PM
No, the monitor has both VGA and DVI inputs. The card has both VGA and DVI outputs. I didn't shove the VGA into the DVI (is that even possible?). I plugged the DVI cable into the DVI slot and the monitor's DVI slot.

I replaced the card, and thought it worked, see the above post, but the problem is still occurring. I am now starting a new thread for this, so read "New 8500 GT problem" Thanks.