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08-15-07, 09:25 AM
I 'am upgrading my son current RIG, and putting a 8800GTS 640MB card.

My question is his current power supply is an Antec PS-400 on the label on the side of the power supply it say 12v1 14amp and the 12v2 amp is 15 would that be enough or does he require a new one money is a little tight, and I'am not sure.
939 socket 4200+ 1 dvd drive & a sata HD.
the card requires 26amp I believe. thanks in advance for your inputs.

08-15-07, 10:52 AM
It might work but, you may get some problems with it like random system rebooting and the like. I really would recommend at least 500w decent power supply. Even then though, the 500w power supply I had to temporarily use in this system would get random rebooting, blue screens and fail Orthos if i tried to overclock anything past 3GHz, it did run fine at stock speeds though.

08-15-07, 11:01 AM
Depending on the number of drives you are using and other periphrials it may work just fine. It depends and what the total demand of your system is.

08-15-07, 11:30 AM
Like the above post 1 sata Hard Drive, 1 939 4200+, and a DVD rom drive. An Audigy sound card and the 8800gts Antec 400w with the above posted 12volt rails.

08-17-07, 08:33 AM
So I went to my local Circuit City store not that I buy my Computer products their normally I buy them at Newegg but they have this on sale, and again my budget is a little tight not trying to be cheap but its back to school, and clothes etc limits me. they had this. What do you guys think? 44.99 On sale.



08-19-07, 10:54 PM
It's a dual rail 12v so it probably would be fine.

08-20-07, 12:05 AM
Should work, but I prefer single rail PSU's, personally.

08-20-07, 12:28 PM
thanks for the replys.