View Full Version : Do I Need the Nvidia Software, Extras, etc?

08-16-07, 09:48 PM
I am a long-time ATI user and finally decided to give Nvidia a try. Moving from a Radeon X1900XTX to the Geforce 8800GTX seems like an awesome move-- my 3DMark06 score nearly doubled! Here's the question: My MSI-manufactured card came with a CD with drivers and utilities on it. Do I need any of that stuff, or should I just download the latest driver? Also, I see the installation gave me a little Nvidia tray icon. Many advocate disabling the ATI programs that otherwise run at startup because they are unnecessary memory hogs. Is the same true for Nvidia, or should I just allow it to run whatever programs it wants to run at startup? I like to keep my system as streamlined as possible.

08-16-07, 10:07 PM
Just install the latest NVIDIA drivers for your card/OS. You can hide the systray icon in the Control Panel. Some used to disable the nvidia service running in the background, but it has been doing so will disable Profiles for games. Other than that, you don't need anything else installed. However, you might want to install NTune, but you can install Rivatuner instead. As for the NVIDIA DVD Decoder, again, that is entirely up to you. Welcome to the NVIDIA/G80 family and to NVNews!

08-16-07, 11:47 PM
i have no idea what software came bundled with your card, but you shouldnt need any of it (not even the drivers, since they are possibly not the latest anyways - get from official nvidia site)