View Full Version : Odd control in valve games - wtf?

08-17-07, 02:37 AM
A while ago I fired up NS and noticed that the controls seemed awkward. When I jump, the jumps are short, I can't jump and then strafe, and if I strafe and then jump I can't strafe the opposite direction to stop that. Also while running, strafing left or right is very slow, but it is just fine if standing. This is very annoying, as the controls feel lagged to hell, and makes it impossible to play well.

Tried changing several options, including a few server cvars, didn't fix it. So I tried just nuking my config files and creating new ones, again didn't fix it. Frustrated, I fire up HL1 just to see if it is also affected by this, and sure enough it is. So I try validating the game content, everything is fine, problem still persists. I deleted HL1's config files and created new ones, no dice. Pissed off, I completely uninstall steam, delete its folder and registry entries, and reinstall it and HL1 and NS. Problem still exists. Tried google searching this, found nothing on it. So I reboot to vista x64, which has a completely separate copy of HL1 than XP (different partition and everything.) My vista copy also has this problem. I tried booting XP into safe mode to see if any kind of driver or startup app was causing this, and the problem still persisted.

All of my other FPS games still work fine - no problems like this at all in Oblivion or anything else. I tried downloading HL2 through steam, and surprise surprise, the problem exists in HL2 as well as HL1. Whatever the problem is, it is limited to valves FPS games. And, it doesn't matter whether online or offline, multiplayer or singleplayer, this problem always exists. Some of the console cvars I have tried playing with relavent to this - such as sv_airmove - don't have any effect at all whether on or off in any game, including TFC where airmoving is critical for e.g. conc jumping.

I downloaded Lost Coast just to see if the problem is there as well, and sure enough it is. In fact I can't even finish lost coast because of this - there are parts where you have to jump over cliffs, and I can't pass them because the jumps are so short that it is impossible to make it. An interesting side effect of this though, is that in HL2 I can bunnyhop to run very fast without having to use any strafe tricks, just press space very fast. This even works in multiplayer in HL2:DM, which is also affected by this problem.

I want to get rid of it though - has anybody heard of something like this happening? I am at my wits end trying to get rid of this. Or did valve just issue some kind of update that really f*cked up the controls for all of its games?

08-17-07, 03:00 AM
That is a strange bug you've got there...

I never get this problem on my computer, and I've never heard of this kind of problem before in any game. That's all I can say.

08-17-07, 08:30 AM
That's weird. I just fired up HL2 and Ep.1, jumps seem to work fine for me.


08-17-07, 09:00 AM
Try alt-tabbing out of the game when its running then return. Worth a shot.

I do remember having this problem before, but it was several years ago and I have no idea how I resolved it.

08-17-07, 09:31 AM
Try different input devices....eg.different keyboard,mouse.Maybe your input from these devices is getting corrupted somehow.

I recently had to re-install logitech mouseware to cure a problem where my mouse would go haywire and freeze.

08-18-07, 03:41 AM
Yeah tried all that, even tried using a wireless keyboard and mouse.