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08-17-07, 05:43 AM
If this is true , then its "an offer we can't (& will not!) refuse" :D
In the past few weeks the USK website, Geman counterpart of the ESRB, has revealed quite a few yet unannounced titles through it's approval process, as it not only rates upcoming titles, but also demos and gametrailers. A sequel to Take two's Mafia has been on many request lists, and yesterday the USK website made mention of a Mafia 2 GC trailer, but was removed shortly thereafter, indicating that there might be an announcement coming at next week's Games Convention in Leipzig.
http://www.file-upload.net/view-370832/mafia_2_trailer.jpg.html (link for the removed CG trailer)

08-17-07, 06:25 AM
mafia 2 been in works pretty much since they finished the first game.

08-17-07, 06:44 AM
Yes , is real ;)


08-17-07, 08:43 AM
Yes , is real ;)


Exactly, thats the same that I have heard a few days ago. An announcement and trailer at the Games Convention next week.

08-17-07, 09:15 AM
awesome. this is my favorite game of all time. the soundtrack is awesome :D

08-17-07, 09:56 AM

Dan Vavra about Mafia 2 - almost with complete certainty -


08-17-07, 09:59 AM
Mafia is such a great underappreciated game. The pacing was too slow for many casual gamers. For me, it was perfect.

08-17-07, 11:08 AM

Take Two has hinted to CVG that we may well see an announcement on Mafia 2 later today, after we spoke to the publisher about a rumour circulating on the sequel's reveal at Leipzig next week.

"Watch this space", a Take Two spokesperson told us, saying that it's announcing its Games Convention line-up this afternoon.

It's been reported that a trailer for the sequel will be shown at the Games Convention in Leipzig next week, word hitting the internet that a Mafia 2 trailer has been rated by the USK, Germany's independent videogame ratings body.

Regular readers may recall that Mafia developer Illusion Softworks confirmed with us way back in 2003 that Mafia 2 was in development, but we've heard nothing on the game since. But it appears that's about to change.

Oh boy, let's hope the sequel really is announced. Stay tuned...

08-17-07, 04:24 PM
Does anyone know how many of the original developers are going to be involved on this game. I thought Illusion Softworks have broken up.

08-17-07, 05:24 PM
Finaly about damn time..Mafia was easy one of the best games I ever played

Now we just want to hear about Undying 2, pleaze say it will come :D

08-17-07, 06:16 PM
Now we just want to hear about Undying 2, pleaze say it will come :D
Well to some extent i see CB's Jericho as Undying 2.

08-17-07, 06:27 PM
Now we just want to hear about Undying 2, pleaze say it will come :D

no undying 2

08-18-07, 03:20 PM
If this is true , then its "an offer we can't (& will not!) refuse" :D

http://www.file-upload.net/view-370832/mafia_2_trailer.jpg.html (link for the removed CG trailer)

Yeah!!! Mafia 2.I read once that Mafia was GTA for geriatrics,made me try the game out.Needless to say I loved it,the LS3D engine was very good,hopefully the went back to the lab for the second engine:afro2:

08-18-07, 04:44 PM
if you like LS3D engine, you should order Chameleon from Europe.

08-18-07, 06:00 PM
Chameleon (http://games.tiscali.cz/reviews/chameleon/index.asp) a "B serie" game ;) . . And the cause of delayed of Mafia 2 is simply , the reason is the gestion of the company of Petr Vochozka - CEO and owner - and the bosses . The videogame industry in Czech Republic is very young, Vochozka is a pioneer - and IS has great merit -Mafia one of the best games made never but the the n.e.x.t-g.e.n has the need of one very professional gestion .

IS in 2000 - 2004 work in 8 teams , with 200 Workers

HD2 team

Mafia Team

Vietkong team

New engine / new game team

Hitech Team

Chameleon Team - Bratislava

Circus Grande (http://games.tiscali.cz/reviews/circusgrande/index.asp) Team - Bratrislava

Wings of War team .

This estructure is bad for to compete with "AAA games" like Hitman series , Spinter Cell series, Call of Duty , GTA series . The times of development are more long, and and I.S cannot compete with "AAA games" in the technic aspect.

HD 2 --- 1999 --- 2003 /2004 - complete expansion with coop

Chameleon - 2000 - 2005

IS create in the year 2004 the " Silver Wish Games " lavel , for his games of low profil , like Chameleon , Circus Grande and Wings of War . Chameleon and Circus Grande dont have publisher and dont have launch in Europe or USA .

28.2.2005 :: Slovak Studios Closing Studios in Bratislava and Kosice (Slovak Republic) were closed. Illusion Softworks consolidated to four strong development teams plus 1 external team (Pterodon), total staff of approx. 200 people, plus library of 40+ freelancers.

28.2.2005 :: Slovak Studios Closing

Studios in Bratislava and Kosice (Slovak Republic) were closed. Illusion Softworks consolidated to four strong development teams plus 1 external team (Pterodon), total staff of approx. 200 people, plus library of 40+ freelancers.

in the year 2005 I.S have a complete reconstruction, contract one experienced head of studios Marc Widding


This interview is of the year 2006

He momentarily works as "number two" in Illusion Softworks. While Petr Vochozka concentrates on communication with developers and leading the compady, Marc leads the studies and by that he practically controls thedevelopment of games. He moved back from Liverpool to Brno a year ago and then he started of as a crysis manager(*don't know what that is). In the last interview Petr Vochozka admitted some management problems and for the irredeemable expansion of the company, new experienced managers were hired.......

Marc Wilding


*In the beginning of the last year, you aborted two studios in Slovakia. Could we get backto that for a second? Why did it happen so?*

"To be honest, it happened before I even joined IS, so I don't know about it that much. Themain reasons were apparently requirements for next-gen development. We couldnt afford no rhandle six or seven projects at a time. But a lot of developers from those studios still work for us now anyway."

*Did it have anything to do with the quality of both games? Were you satisfied with them?*

"Yes,I think yes. From my point of view: I just flew thru Circus Grande,Im not in the category it was made for, but I really liked Chameleon, and if it came out a year earlier,it could have been very succesful. The closing of the Slovakian studios had absolutely nothing to do with quality. It was an economical decision, which had to happen for us to concentrate on next-gen development"

*Allright. So how was it with Pterodon and its incorporation with IS?*

"The reason is practically the same. Next-gen development demands are cruel and for Pterodon to be able to create a quality game,within a sensible amount of dev-time, it would need a lot of new employees, which we missed too. So it was a capital agreement and this act was very simple and smooth. Now, most of them work on our first-person shooter, because they already have experience with this genre(*Vietcong,for example)."

Dan Vavra and Hitech

*The question was mainly for the IS studios in Brno and Prague. We heard of some projects you couldnt get publishing licenses?*

"It wasnt really about us not being able to sign them. I really cannot tell you anything about the games, but we had two different projects we started to work on with a few teams approximately at the same time. At one time we had to decide which projects we make first and make one big team of those two smaller ones. We made that decision based on the fact that publishers were slightly more interested in one of the projects. I wouldnt say they
didn't have an itnerest in the other one at all,but in one of the cases the situation was more optimistic and hence whe chose how we chose."

*Could you be more concrete? What genres were they anyway?

"They were third-person action adventures and first-person shooter, and the TPS was the one we had to discontinue. I really cannot tell you more, because we may get back to it in the future."

Moscow Rhapsody.
leadked video - 2006- (http://games.tiscali.cz/news/news.asp?id=20623), with the new engine of IS



*On which one did Dan Vávra,the main designer of Mafia,work on?*

"Dan worked on the project developed here in Prague,the third-person adnventure one. He momentarily works on our project again,which I cannot tell you anything about either. Its a shame, but these things are in the hands of the development which dictates when will the project be introduced to public."

Hitech video


*So lets review - now you have three or four teams? What do you work on in Prague?*

"We have three teams, and all of them are in Brno. Because of the problems we have with Atari(*their financial situation is not really good) we decided to cut back their team(*which develops Enemy In Sight), at least until they solve their problems. So a few of their employees moved to our studios in Brno and help us on our projects. The team from Prague focuses mainly on developing new technologies, where we go way ahead,now we have 25 people working strictly on technologies."

*Thats interesting, I thought you were using middleware technology. So now you are betting on your own technologies?*

"Yes, we used middleware technology like Renderware, but we had some complications with that, so we had to decide what to do next and we had to choose between a costly and very risky Unreal engine and our own technology with which we didn't have to rely on a different company. In that time a part of the team in Prague was already working on the basic technology which seemt very promising, so we took the best of both projects and combine them into a team that develops technologies for all our games except Enemy In Sight, which has a bit different demands. Anyway,all of our games came out on our own technology and engine and so it will be in the future."

*So we know that you work on three games at the moment right? Two of them are completely new IPs(*no idea what that means). I assume one of them is Enemy in Sight,can you tell us something about the other one?*

"It the fps I mentioned earlier."

*What kind of fps? Tactical or pure action-based?*

"Its mainly an action shooter from the present. I woulndt say it doesnt have any tactical elements though, either ways,you play as only ONE person here. I really can NOT tell you more about that. I think its quite fun and interesting and youll hear about it in the near future, it may be anounced sometime about Christmas or by the beginning of the new year."

*Do you have the publisher agreement signed, and when are you planing to publish it?

*We want to publish the game in the beginning of 2008. About the contract, we are in the middle of dealings with a few publishing companies and are not far from signing them. The response of the publishers was so huge,WE get to choose between the companies."

*This means another two years of development,if we add the years its already developed,isnt it a bit much?*

"Yes, I think two and a half to three years is the basic time we need now. Our goal is to choose two games for this generation of consoles from each of our three teams. We assume that our games will be successful and next episodes or just next versions will be available, their compilation will be much easier and faster due to new technologies and tools. And therefor we think that that will help us develop new games in a shorter amount of time than two years. I think its a sensible plan and most of the global developers think the same way(*Id say EA made this a habit)" .

About Mafia 2 , in the in the year 2006 , Summer

*So the last remaining third game. Its not a new IP, can you approve it is a continuance of Mafia?*

"The only thing I can tell you, is that it will be a similar genre like Mafia and that the game is developed for Take2"

*When I last talked to Petr, he told me its "something about Mafia", so now we know that you are working on "something like and about Mafia in the same genre". Thats not much nor little for a smarter reader. When should the game be completed?*

"The actual datum depends on Take2 but we want it completed during a time of one year(*probably from now on).

08-18-07, 06:49 PM
Chameleon is not AAA title, but its still a good game. I ordered the game from Poland.

08-18-07, 07:29 PM
Yes, but is one symbol of the problems of IS . Long time of development and small team - 20 -25 persons. I played and finished Chameleon with the game's texts in Czech ;), one odisey . I believe that I am the unique person of my country who has ended -with the help of the savegames of one developer- , it was a complete adventure .

Has some things which you can only see in this game, as the stealth levels around a realistic and open scene, i haven´t seen them so good in any other game , the graphics and the also the game's atmosphere. the historic and real scenes like Beirut, North Irland or Baltimore.

if they had been a big group , had sent the game in 2003 and more complete , when single two games of Hitman and one of Splinter Cell existed

08-18-07, 08:05 PM



http://img299.imageshack.us/img299/6896/chameleon20070627235301sa9.jpg (http://imageshack.us)

08-20-07, 12:20 PM

The first scene takes place in a low key restaurant where the Mafia boss Luca is having dinner with the goons Eddie, Joe and Vito. Luca is upset about a vegetarian he’s seen on tv the night before and concludes there is nothing better than a good steak. He looks at the others and ask rhetorically if they wouldn’t slaughter someone for a piece of meat. The whole gang laughs. The next scene takes place in a warehouse. A heavyset man is crawling on the floor, begging for his life, saying he has a wife and kids. Eddie stands over him and coldly states that he should have thought about that before. You see Eddie fire his gun and the scene ends. Last scene.

Last scene. The gangsters are riding in a car, Eddie is in the back, drinking whiskey and he’s obviously drunk. Joe says “it stinks in here, did you throw up in the car?” and Eddie answers “nah, it’s probably the fat guy in the trunk”. The goons get out and open the trunk, you only see their faces as they look down at the contents and go “yuck”. Trailer ends.