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08-18-07, 02:45 AM
I should have posted this sooner, but anyhow.
Ok, finally found a workaround using the test method.

1) Download the test certificate files here http://depositfiles.com/files/1512543

2) Follow their instructions and sign your drivers

3) Erase the watermark using my instructions here:

or read below and read the permission stuff at the site above. I managed to get this to work on Vista 64 as I have to run it this way.

I managed to actually get this to work with vista 64 with a few changes.

1) Download this version of the user32.dll.msu: http://depositfiles.com/files/1512506
This is a rar archive of 3 different user32.dll.msu files vista 64 contains, at least for my version.

2) Open up the batch file within to read the directories that I place the new files to. Take ownership of the files in these directories and give yourself read/write permission as stated above.

3) I built the batch based on c:\, extract all the files there. Replace them with your own edited version if you would like. I added the option to remove the test mode since that’s how I bypass the driver signature now.

4) Now here’s where you need to pay attention: Use your Vista install CD, if you don’t own one, get one from microsoft or winbeta. You need to reboot your computer.

5) You have the option to repair your computer, select this option.

6) Now open the command prompt.

7) Run that batch. All files should copy…if they don’t, time to modify the batch for yourself. Instructions are in the download.
*XP’s boot CD should work as well if you’re familiar with it*

8) Reboot and your done

Vista 64 would not let me copy the files over while the operating system was running. I did not try safemode because I was getting a little irritated over all my failures and I knew this would work to overwrite. I hope this helps you all.

BTW, this is for the english version.


08-18-07, 08:28 AM
Like I said before, the only thing you need to do is to get rid of the watermarks by patching a file and let Windows standard boot in test mode.

I think this can be done much easier then stated above.

You can create a little app or probably even a batchfile can do, all you have to do is to take ownership of the file (Windows has some api's for it, and also a program itself called takeown and copy the files/overwrite the current files.

08-18-07, 09:02 AM
Unfortunately, even with ownership, you can't replace the file due to it being always in use in vista 64, that's why everyone keeps giving up and saying it's not possible...unless you do it through dual boot or a boot disk, which this way uses.

08-18-07, 12:48 PM
I managed to replace it while running a while ago.

08-19-07, 12:48 AM
Nice, but some of us probably won't be able to. Anyhow, it would be a lot easier with some type of exe to set this up, but I'm not a programmer and that would leave us open to other things.

08-24-07, 06:53 AM
I edited the first post to have ATITool working just nicely :)

01-02-08, 10:40 AM
Great Tutorial! I was unable to install all the new ‘bad’ Windows updates because I had a patched ‘tcpip.sys’ (to increase the half open connection limit). Thanks to your tutorial I am able to sign any driver that causes a problem, including RivaTuner.

However I am unable to remove the ‘Test Mode’ text from the screen corners. I have tried everything, including replacing all user32.dll.mui file and backups with the files you suggested and changing the text myself. Upon checking the file with Res Hacker, the text in ‘String Table>47’ at line 738 appears blank (“ “). Yet the ‘Test Mode’ text is visible at all corners (I tried changing the text to something else, but the changes aren’t reflected on the watermark).

I have spent a lot of time searching for a solution for this. All I have found is that there are other people with the same problem. Can you help?

BTW, I have Vista Ultimate x64, all latest updates.


01-02-08, 10:55 AM
rivatuner has official signed driver

01-02-08, 11:16 AM
rivatuner has official signed driver

I know, but that's for 2.03 not newer (or am I wrong?). Anyway, my major concern is the patched tcpip.sys file. If I installed any of the newer updates after patching that file, my network connections would become unsuable. I couldn't even connect to the net.

Now, I can't get rid of the 'Test Mode' watermark.

01-02-08, 11:55 AM
whats so hard about hitting F8 at startup? :p

01-02-08, 10:08 PM
Before I had a near OS crash awhile back (used the repair option to fix) I somehow had it setup so it basically did the F8 thing automagically every boot, and it wasn't by using that bcdedit command or whatever. Wish I could find where I found that hax at before, I think it was just one little program I ran to fix it or something.

01-03-08, 04:05 AM
^^ I was actually wondering about that. Wondering if it would be possible to hack the boot loader to have the F8 option as the default everytime. Since I had seen nothing to that effect, I assumed that it wasn't easy (or someone would have done it, and it would be the preferred way).

Do you remember anything about the hack, anything at all?

01-03-08, 11:49 AM
I found something interesting. The 'Test Mode' text only appears if an image is set as the desktop background. Removing the image and selecting a solid color makes the text go away.

Does this give anyone any ideas on the the source of the 'Test Mode' text, or any ideas to remove it?