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08-18-07, 04:00 AM

I'm after a bit of advice - I've just installed my new geforce 7200gs - i bought it with the intention of running my plasma telly via the vga output - this works fine - the problem i have is i intended to run my 19"acer al1916w from the dvi i output via a dvi i to vga cable (the monitor has vga only) - the problem i have is i get a blank screen from the dvi i to vga - is it something i need to do with the card or have i got a duff cable?

p.s. i love this card already - didn't realise it would make surfing the net so much quicker :)

many thanks


08-18-07, 05:38 AM
Remove the display driver of your old card and reset your bios.

08-18-07, 08:36 AM
Remove the display driver of your old card and reset your bios.

Did you uninstall the old drivers from your old card and then reinstall the latest ones for your new 7200GS? Did you have a video card before this or was it onboard graphics?

Does your card have two DVI connections on the back? If so, make sure you have the cable plugged in to the correct one, which should be the one closest to your motherboard.

You shouldn't have to change anything in your BIOS, unless you are coming from onboard graphics, then you need to set your BIOS to either AGP or PCI-e slot as primary graphics.

08-19-07, 02:16 AM
Thanks for your help guys - the graphics was on board so i had to change the bios from pci to pci e - the new graphics card has pci i & vga - vga for the plasma & i've got a dvi i to vga cable running from to my vga only monitor.

everything is working fine now apart from i have my monitor set at one resolution & the plasma at another - if i want to watch a dvd from my pc & i move the media player across from my monitor to the plasma (using ultramon) then the picture goes blank on the plasma - i've figured out that my monitor has to be the same resolution as the telly but this makes the monitor look crappy - ideally i'd like to have my monitor & plasma set at optimum resolution all the time - anyone got any ideas?