View Full Version : Gaming accident...lol

08-20-07, 03:30 PM
During our move to the new house, I accidently threw away a box with old cds that also had 3 games at the bottom, Resistance, Formula 1 and Warioware Wii. While I dont really care for the last 2, Resistance was a good game, I played a few times when I bought the PS3. After that I forgot abt it. Now that I know its gone, I suddenly have the urge to play it again. So do you think i should go and waste another 50 bucks getting the game. I could rent it from BB but they allow you to keep it only for 5 days.

08-20-07, 03:41 PM
I liked Resistance....I bought that game when I bought my PS3....Yea...I would go and find it at a used game place....

08-20-07, 04:07 PM
ok found one on Ebay 29.99 + shipping used...should I?

08-20-07, 04:40 PM
im confused.. youre asking whether a game you have played before is worth buying again because you lost it? huh? wouldnt you be the best one to answer that question yourself? no one else has your exact same tastes bro.

08-20-07, 04:55 PM
No I want to know if others have experienced this before and what they did in such situations...I feel the need to play the game just because of the knowledge that I dont have the game anymore. had I kept the box, I wont even bother with the game...wonder if it makes any sense!!!