View Full Version : Lost Planet (PC): R-symbol on ground??

08-23-07, 04:54 PM

Level I: In the first warehouse where u encounter the first big insect, when u kill it, u can enter a little room to ur left where there is a rocket launcher, a grenade and there is also something like a 'R in a circle' on the ground

What is the meaning of this?

Had a look in the manual but don't find that symbol or maybe I overlooked it

So can somebody explain what this is?

Tried to pick it up, but this is a no-go

Already thx

08-23-07, 05:10 PM
You shoot it, and it'll go "poing" sound and vanish. It was for extra points on the Xbox360, but seemingly has no effect on the PC version, so I just do it for run. :)

08-23-07, 08:23 PM
Well, you do need to complete 3 words to unlock Megaman :)

08-23-07, 09:03 PM
Ah, this is part of one of the updates then. :)

08-23-07, 09:21 PM
Yes, the latest one, that also added new DX10 effects and 2 more playable characters.

08-27-07, 05:19 PM