View Full Version : Weird overclocks results with my Evga 680i SLI and Q6600

08-23-07, 05:46 PM
I have heard of people talking about holes with the FSB ,but I never had a problem with my E6600 and my 680i .I have a B3 Q6600 and it overclocked to 3280 with default voltages ,I tried 3375 with a 1500 FSB and a multipler of 9x and it would not boot up.I raise my core voltage to 1.425v and it would make it to windows and just Freeze.So I lower my multipler to 7x and set the FSB to 1900 running at 3325 and it would'nt boot into windows.So I thought that might be to high on the FSB with a Quad.Anyway to make a long story shorter.I set my multipler to 8x and set my FSB to 1750 and still had the voltage set to 1.425v to run at 3.5gigs and it booted up perfect .I thought I had a lower multipler set but it was 8x.I have run Prime95 torture test almost a hour and it was still working fine.My tempertures went up but they were not that bad ,at idle it was 42c 36c 36c 42c and with load with Prime95 torture test running at almost a hour my temperture were 56c 50c 50c 56c
The Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme did it job.I still can not figure out why I could'nt run it between 3300 to around 3480 ,it did not manner what I set the voltage at or what multipler I used.I even Cleared my CMOS thinking that might help.3.5gig is good enough for me ,but I still don't understand why it done like it did.

08-27-07, 01:53 PM
Nobody has had the so called holes in the FSB with a motherboard.

08-27-07, 02:41 PM
It's a known and well documented fact. Some holes just reduce performance. Some, make it impossible to boot. I can't find the link right now, but there was one guy that did extensive testing and mapped them all out for his mobo/cpu combo.