View Full Version : beta testing Rise of Nations.

04-06-03, 01:42 AM
This game is huge. it took me 1 1/2 hours to finish a 4 player game(solo game). There's so many upgrades. There's 6 ages
(I-VI). And for each age you can upgrade a unit or building. The beta lets you play any of the 10 nations. there will be 18 nations on the full game. The game runs fine on my system i get 50-70fps with 2x aa at 1280x1024. I get pauses when i get to the next Age when the game needs to change all the graphics for the buildings and units. I'll take a screenshot later.

04-06-03, 09:51 PM
Sounds great, not my type of game, but its always good to find and play a game you enjoy :) I would like to see some screens :D

04-07-03, 03:53 PM
here are some screenshots.
i couldnt show you guys the screenshots when evrything has been upgraded. when i was taking screenshots i only had 10-20mb left on my HD, so the rest were blank. each shot takes 3.5mb. im gonna have to delete my anime's.

04-07-03, 03:54 PM

04-07-03, 03:55 PM

04-07-03, 03:56 PM

04-07-03, 03:57 PM

04-07-03, 04:01 PM

04-07-03, 04:04 PM
since i didnt save the game, im gonna have to play it again to show you guys what it looks like when evrything is fully upgraded.
btw. im using the koreans on these screenshots.

04-07-03, 09:25 PM
Nice screens :cool:

I did say that I dont like those type of games myself, but I remember playing the Pyramid demo when that came out, just the demo had me busy all night, but I really get sort of board after awhile, because I always wont to do things fast, and end up doing the wrong things and loosing quickly :p Is the game at a fix setting, or can you zoom in and zoom out? is your game area quite big, are there lots and lots of things to do, does the game seem limited in any ways? I ask, because there have been a few games coming out lately that people have been looking forward to, only to be disapointed, mainly because of gameply limitions or the way it was implemented, are you really happy with this game, or are there things that could be improved?

Keep us updated ;)