View Full Version : I need help with my computer plan!

08-27-07, 06:13 AM
My computer plan:

CPU: Q6600 G0 SLACR $2169
MB: ECS P35 $835
RAM:OCZ 667 2G $716
HardDrive: Hitachi 320GB 16mbHDD/sata2 $593
OpticalDrive: LiteOn 20x dvd with lightscribe $253
GPU: Winfast 8800gts 640mb (bundles spellforce 2 and trackmania nations) $2950
PSU: CoolerMaster 600W $520
CASE: Asus TA663 $230
Keyboard: Samsung SDM4800 $98
Speakers: AltecLansing 120i 2.0 speakers $99
Monitor: E228WFP 22" flatpanel (5ms, 850:1, 1680x1050) $1888

Total- $10351 (roughly 1300USD)

All dollar units are Hong Kong dollars (cause thats where I live). If you need help converting use xe.com. I need your help to decide what needs to go and what i can change to shrink the money to fit my budget of 10k HKD or less
(1250USD). Thanks.

08-27-07, 07:03 AM
looks good... id recomend the asus motherboard instead (p5k)

08-27-07, 07:41 AM
You could just wait a while for an Intel price drop , Not too long know I think, Same goes for the graphics.
Saving money there will help you get some higher spec ram.

08-27-07, 12:43 PM
I would go with at least DDR2 800 memory so if you overclock you will have more room to increase your FSB.I would also go with a Different power suppy such as the SilverStone OP650watt because of its single rail 12v of 54amps. But the one you choose should have no problem with a single 8800GTS.

08-28-07, 03:49 AM
My budget is tight so i dont think I can fit in a p5k. I'll have to go with the ECS. I don't plan to go SLi cause i'm just a teen without much money! No way i can beg another couple thousand out of my parents! My friend on the other hand managed to convince his parents to let him buy a 21,000 HKD computer(2700USD!!). He had a quad core, 8800gtx, p5k premium, 850w psu, 4gb ram. my god im jealous...

08-29-07, 11:15 PM
With AMD so close to releasing their quad core CPUs (Phenoms), wouldn't it make more sense to wait until December rolls around before choosing a CPU platform?