View Full Version : Has anyone flashed their EVGA 8800 Bios?

08-27-07, 12:04 PM
Bios Version :
BIOS Date : 4/23/2007
Bios File : 8800GTS BIOS (640-P2-N821) (filesize N/A)
Bios File : 8800GTX BIOS (768-P2-N831) (filesize N/A)
Notes : The updated BIOS’s are only for EVGA 8800 graphics cards, part numbers 768-P2-N831 and 640-P2-N821:

Enables support for Apple Cinema 23” displays
INSTRUCTIONS: Graphics card BIOS updates can be accomplished through the following:

FLOPPY (Floppy Disk and Disk Drive Required)
Download the appropriate update above
Insert blank floppy disk into drive and run executable
Restart machine, and set floppy as the primary boot device
Follow onscreen instructions
IMPORTANT: After flash, remove the floppy, restart the machine and reinstall the 158.XX graphics drivers

<< Select a different driver
So has anyone seen this? Also has anyone flashed their cards yet? Thought it was interesting enough to show to the masses.I guess if all it does is add support for apple 23 inch screen then who cares. Whyd they even bother everyone knows they only use apples in the movies!:afro2:

08-27-07, 01:29 PM
Yeah, saw that back when it came out. I haven't done it since I don't own an Apple Cinema 23" monitor.

08-27-07, 01:30 PM
Yes I use that Evga Bios update to update both of my Evga 8800GTS .I also used NibiTor http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3122.html to overclock my core and shaders and memory .I used Nibitor to save my bios from my cards ,in case I need to Flashed them back.I used the update and saved the file to the Floppy and then I used nibitor to change my Core to 621 and shader to 1458 and my memory to 900. Then it was a simple flash for overclocking the cards to what I wanted them to be, so I did'nt have to use a third party program to keep them overclocked anymore.I do not own a Apple Cinema 23” displays,but it worked perfect with my Samsung SyncMaster 225BW display.