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08-28-07, 02:55 PM
Ok ive been testing some overclocks with my card, i can get the card to 638MHz(636MHz effective) ati tool stable .... now i ran ati tool artifact scanner for 30 mins with no errors at 636MHz and the max load temp was 65c ... now i would have though this clock would have been stable BUT i tested with 3dmark06, the first test "Return to proxycon" runs 100% fine with no artifacts! .... the second test however "Firefly forest" shows artifacting! the two cpu tests run fine, i also get very slight artifacting in the other two following tests(the two tests after the cpu tests)!

How come ati tool artifact scanner came back 100% stable with a load temp of 65c & 3DMark06 shows artifacts with a load temp or 57c?

Any ideas?

Thanks. :)

EDIT: with my clocks at 629MHz(626MHz effective)its rock stable in both ati tool(1 hour - 65c load)and 3dmark06(no artifacts in any test)

08-28-07, 04:50 PM
I am not having this issue, I run my card at 650 (648 effective) with out any issues. I actually got artifacts with ATI tools but none with 3D mark 06 or any games at all!

08-28-07, 05:54 PM
How much can you trust ati tool? i mean my memory clocks are not ati tool stable at anything above 900MHz(1.8GHz) but i can have my memory clock at 950MHz(1.9GHz) or even 1000MHz(2.0GHz, this is the higest ive tired) ... at 950MHz or 1000MHz on the memory it fails ati tool but runs games & 3dmark06 without problem! does anybody run there clocks(core or memory)higher even though its NOT stable in ati tool? will doing this harm the card?

08-29-07, 12:17 PM
I am not having this issue, I run my card at 650 (648 effective) with out any issues. I actually got artifacts with ATI tools but none with 3D mark 06 or any games at all!

So you run your cards at those speeds even though its not ati tool stable? is that safe? will it harm the card? anyone?

09-01-07, 08:51 AM
Hmmm, this is weird ... i can get my clock core ATi tool stable (1 hour) at 648MHz clock core BUT again i get artifacts in 3dmark06 ? BUT i get no artifacting in ANY games! what do you guys think?

09-01-07, 09:09 AM
I run my GTX at 612 Core/1404shader/1008 Mem . Anything above 972 memory causes artifacts in ATItool but never seen em in any games so why bother.
Next step in the shader clock is 1458 which makes the display driver cause a blue screen within 2-3 hours of ATItool and that also happened in games a couple of times.
I trust this utility in terms of checking the stability of an overclock

09-01-07, 10:14 AM
Im not sure whether to class this as a stable overclock or not?

09-02-07, 02:15 AM
That seems odd to me but not completely without a possible explanation. I have a GTX and in my experience nothing stresses the part more than the ATiTool 3D view. That is based on observed temps, nothing gets it hotter. If stable on ATiTool, I've never seen issues in any other situation (gaming etc). Also, when mine is pushed too far it locks up or seems to reset itself to 2d clocking mode. My first GTX never did this 2D reset thing; always hung.

The fact is, every chip is different and there are process variations across the die and imperfections at different points. These can cause different parts of the design to be relatively slower or faster. My theory is that the parts of the design tested/used by the artifacting tests in 3DMark are not the same ones which are stressed by ATiTool and are, due to across-the-die process variations, relatively slower. So, for your chip at least, ATiTool is not a good way to confirm an overclock.

09-04-07, 02:56 AM
Just because the artifacts does'nt show up in 3DMark06 ,does'nt mean they are not there .I have ran many games and could not see any artifacts ,but when I would run a artifactTester ,like ArtifactTester 5 they would show up .It might just be one little dot ,but it was there .ATITOOL is a pretty good tester for artifacts but even sometimes when it does'nt show none you may still see some in the games ,sometimes this is driver related.I was playing Prey and ATITOOL showed no artifacts but in the game I was getting artifacts or triangles ,but I switched to a different driver and it was cleared up..I always go by the artifactTester because it means you memory is on the edge of running to fast or getting to hot.